courses shutterstock_194840705 (Custom)As a student with the Modern Mystery School. Through courses, classes and initiation, you will be reminded of all that you already know.

Throughout the curriculum, we will perform together, the art of uncovering layers of forgotten knowledge and wisdom that exists within each of us and re-activate it.

Step by step, you will be given the tools and energetic attunements to further your inner exploration as much as you want and as far as you are willing to deepen into your self-enlightenment.

Sacred Geometry Series

Modern Mystery School - Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry is the study and contemplation of Divine Proportion and the geometric patterns that are fundamental to the creation and structure of the Universe. In understanding these geometric patterns and vibrational energies, one learns the pure language of the cosmos and gains access to universal wisdom.


Modern Mystery School - Workshops

Explore our workshops ranging from the study of spiritual laws, working with angels, our elemental brothers and sisters on earth, working with energy, kabbalah and much more.


Initiation helps you to physically anchor the spiritual energies you are wielding like light, power and protection. These forces become emblazoned into your energy field making you able to readily access these energies through your mental, emotional and physical capacities, supporting you in life choices, tasks and actions.


Modern Mystery School - Meditations

We offer a range of mediations all designed to build focus and allow expansion into enhanced mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Kabbalah – Learn and Grow with the Tree of Life

Modern Mystery School - Universal Kabbalah Ascension Program

The Kabbalah Ascension Program offers not only Kabbalistic knowledge, but also an experience. The Tree of Life will be activated within your soul and field of energy, and you will have the opportunity to take part in an empowering and transformational voyage of personal development and spiritual progression.


Modern Mystery School - Sacred Geometry