Mermaid Magick

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Would you like more passion in your life?

Mermaids have been in our fairy tales for a long time. Yet do we believe they are real?

What if they are not only more than real but can offer deep teachings to enhance our lives and help us live a more deeply fulfilled life ?

At this time, these lost teachings are returning so we can be more fulfilled…

Mermaids are the source of passion for the planet.

Learn to work with these ancient and magical beings to heal the planet with this passion and to bring it to all the areas of your life. Passion is the energy that heals all apathy and disease and fills us with the energy to create our lives as we dream. Get to experience their energy and answer the mysterious and alluring call of the deep through their ancient and magical practice!

Class Details

Date: September 6, 2015

Time: 18:30-23:00 (end time may vary according to energetic dynamics)

Location: HaSharon Area (address will be provided upon registration)

Taught byMartina Coogan

Prerequisites: None. Life Activation session with a certified practitioner is highly recommended


Group 1: 1-10 = 1220 NIS

Group 2: 1 up = 1350 NIS

Empower Thyself Initiates = 1100 NIS

Resit = 420 NIS

Registration after 14.08.15 = 1350 NIS

Spaces are limited, register soon to ensure placement and best rate.

For registration press here