Sanctuary Meditation

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The Sanctuary Meditation is a fail-safe method to easily and safely expand your consciousness to reach the realm of your own personal spiritual sanctuary, meet with your Higher Self and receive clear guidance from with within.

This technique is a simple and effective way to access the higher dimensions of our reality and connect to our own true self and inner wisdom.

In this class you will follow a series of steps that will open and expand the chakras, evoke the 3 Sacred Geometries of Creation to create an astral vehicle, which will enable you to safely and easily ascend through the dimensions of reality.

This method is a foundational practice that can be used daily or as often as needed. For the experienced or beginner meditation practitioner, this approach will deepen your personal reflection and give you access to an intense sense of connectivity with your spirit and the soul knowledge you possess within yourself.


Upcoming event

Date & Time: August 23, 20:30-22:00

Location: Poleg, Netanya

Class taught by Shani Lehrer

Prerequisite: None. Life Activation session with a certified practitioner is highly recommended


Group 1: First 5 = 180 NIS

Group 2: 6-10 = 215 NIS

Group 3: 11-15 = 250 NIS

Empower Thyself initiates = 80 NIS

Resit = 95 NIS

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