Focus and Light

Focus and Light

Focus and light are such intimate bedfellows that we cannot understand focus without understanding her life source, light.

One of our most important physical experiences is seeing. Focus requires sight which requires the reflection of light. Our eyes teach us this; how the eye receives light and reflects and refracts it through its inner-lens to create the retinal image that the brain ‘sees’ illustrates this fundamental interrelationship. We can see only when light is reflected. Without light, none of the biological mechanisms that we possess, that physically enable our vision, have utility. In darkness we see nothing. Light is the fundamental precondition of all seeing.

It flows therefore that light governs how we see and relate to our external world; to other human beings and our environment. It illuminates in every sense. The images that we receive and how our hearts, souls, and brains process those images play a central role in how we relate to everything. We cannot separate what we see externally from the images we create internally, reflected and refracted and the words, thoughts, and actions that we engage in as a consequence.

Focus is about what we choose to see; how we respond to reflected and refracted light in the world that we inhabit. Focus is choice. Do we take one path or another? Do we love one person or another? Do we see the good or the bad? Is a glass half full or half empty? Focus is a choice to see the reflected light of one thing at the exclusion of other things; in committing to fully see one, we are implicitly not committing to fully see others. One beautiful tree, crisply in focus, against an arboreal blur of others behind.

Focus is a call to prayer, a beckoning to choose the divine over everything else. How do we want to live our lives?

So breathe. Tune out of the noise. And focus on the good, the here and the now.

by James Osborne – London