Manage Your Thoughts, Master Your Life

A 5 Week Journey (starting next week)

Manage Your Thoguhts

The Challenge:

Thoughts are at the basis of what creates our life experience. Many studies have been made on how a positive mindset will keep one happy and enlivened and negative thoughts will bring our emotional and physical states down with it.


If the landscape of my thoughts is of beauty and goodness, has a lightness of being my well being will be in correlation with it. If the landscape of my thoughts is a war zone… my emotional and even physical life will be affected by this. In the coming 5 weeks, we are going to shed some light on where you are with your thoughts and how to improve the quality of your life by taking charge of what thoughts you allow into your “system”.

Thoughts, questions for reflection:

  • Are you in charge of them or are they in charge of you?
  • Some of us think of them as a blessing that keeps us safe, prepares us for all possible scenarios. Is this true, or do they limit our possibilities?
  • Do they allow us to keep track of things and make plans or are they constraining us in a box of security?
  • Do they make our life organized and “manageable” or do they take all spontaneity away?
  • Are we in control when we “understand” how things work or why someone hurt us or is this just overriding our emotions, suppressing what is really felt?
  • Are you thinking your own thoughts or are they thoughts of other people that just happened to hit your “field”?
  • What are thoughts anyway and why do you want to become their master?
  • How mastering them will help you master your life?

Welcome on a 5-week journey to answer this question and hopefully inspire you to become the master of your life!

Please send us your thoughts and answers to and we will make sure to keep you posted when the next article is ready for you.

by Shani Lehrer – Israel