Office & Home

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It is common to experience a lack of ease or a chilling feeling when entering particular spaces or buildings. The lineage of King Solomon provides practices that will tend to negative energy occupying a space, and thus create a lasting and positive shift in the intended use and functioning of the structures we live and work in.

Space Gridding & Blessings

Modern Mystery School - Space gridding & Blessings

Space Gridding & Blessings is a beautiful and profound way to create a wonderful environment within your spaces and take them to the next level. Some structures/homes hold an uneasy feeling, or vibration, that we can often sense. A space can physically look ideal, but the energy may tell a different story.

Temple Setting for Special Occasions

Modern Mystery School - Temple Setting for Special Occasions

If you are celebrating love, new life, new birth and are wanting to give yourself, your guest and your special occasion the holiness and abundance of blessings available, this is a service for you. Your heart will know if you feel called to inquire about this special sacred setting of space that will raise vibration and make your event even...