Unveiling the Mysteries Pilgrimage

20-27 September, 2018

We are excited to announce that after some hard work we have put together a pilgrimage in Israel for anyone serious about walking the spiritual path.

The 7-day journey will cover sacred and touristic hotspots where King Salomon, Jesus and many others have walked. This intensive program offers a spiritual cradle and intensive study experience, whilst exploring and taking in the holy surroundings, land and frequency.

This once in a lifetime experience is designed to optimize nourishment of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, thus laying solid foundations for healing, growth and self-realization.

The extensive program will also equip participants with all prerequisites required for Healers Academy.

Those who have already completed Healers Academy and are certified Life Activation Practitioners are also invited.

For new participants, we will be taking applications as due to the nature and intensity of the schedule, it will be necessary to ensure the individual is ready and able to participate. Prerequisites include a Life Activation session with certified practitioner, and telephone a consultation.

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